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Usui Sensei’s Monument Progress Report  and My Gratitude to Your Contributions

Hiroshi Doi

Hello Every Reiki Practitioner all over the world.
This is Hiroshi Doi of Gendai Reiki Healing Association.

 Today, I’m in Osaka and have a meeting with the members of the executive committee of Building Mikao Usui Sensei’s Birthplace Stone Monument Project.

As we closed the subscription list at the end of May in Japan and are to close on June 14th overseas, we have already raised the amount exceeding our target figure.

It is a great pleasure of us and I, as the representative of the executive committee of the project, would like to thank all the donators cordially for your kind supports.

When I looked back on the year 2000, when I visited the birthplace of Mikao Usui Sensei for the first time, I felt the splendid Reiki there and also found the name, Mikao Usui, engraved on the Otorii (large stone gateway) of Amataka Shrine, close to his parents’ house. Then, I came to know the Otorii was donated by 3 brothers of Usui Family in April, 1923, that is just one year lafter the establishment of Usui Reiki Ryo-ho.


At that time, an idea came to me, “I wish to build a monument in the premises of the Shrine.”. Since then, I have kept this desire in my mind. However, an opportunity has come at last. And a dream of mine for 18 years will come true with the cooperation of the Chief Priest of Amataka Shrine and local people in Taniai.

That’s the story and many Reiki Masters, mainly the members of Gendai Reiki Support Center, are helping me as the staffs of this project. However, I recognize that the monument is the common property for all Usui Reiki practitioners.

Fortunately, many people understood my idea and lots of contributions have been made by various kind of groups and individuals in and outside Japan. Therefore, I have a very strong feeling that “Reiki is one”, founded by Usui Sensei.

Thanks to the cooperation of everyone who gives respect to Usui Sensei and loves Reiki, the birthplace monument will become true to complete the three major sacred places of Reiki, consisting of ; “Taniai in Gifu Prefecture: the Birthplace”,
“Mt. Kurama in Kyoto: the place of ascetic practices” and “Saihoji Temple in Tokyo : the final resting place”. Let’s join and celebrate together the completion of the Stone Monument on September 23rd!! That will go down in the history of Reiki as a big event. Come and join us.

In addition, we informed that the deadline for the application for attending the commemorative events is June 14th but we decided to prolong it. We will accept applications until the end of June, waiting to reach the capacity. Several seats are still available.

We wish as many people as possible, who have some relations with Reiki, to attend the ceremonies, experience the hometown of Reiki, remember Usui Sensei, and also deepen mutual bonds among Friends of Light. A worldwide famous Reiki master may attend the ceremonies, too.

Well, let us meet together at Amataka Shrine! In September.

Thank you very much.